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Primeval Labs Erosion 90 Caps

Estrogen is absolutely essential but too much or too little spells certain doom for your muscle-building aspiration. Worse yet, coming off an aggressive prohormone cycle or being chronically stressed can significantly increase your chances of having too much estrogen floating around your system, further suppressing your testosterone production.

To keep estrogen in check and ensure you always maintain your gains, Primeval Labs has created Erosion — a premium anti-estrogen and anti-aromatase supplement.

Why Choose Erosion?

Coming off cycle, your body can experience a dramatic dip in natural testosterone production and an increase in estrogen production. Furthermore, there’s a high probability that aromatase activity will be increased resulting in even less available testosterone due to its aromatization by the aromatase enzyme.

Erosion provides the industry’s strongest all-natural Anti-Estrogen formula for eradicating excess Estrogen. You’ll improve muscle strength, density, and power, while simultaneously boosting sex drive, shedding unwanted body fat, and removing problematic acne.

Erosion uses only all-natural ingredients which don’t come with the potential side effects of suicidal aromatase inhibitors such as Arimistane, which ensures your estrogen levels stay in check without the worry of them completely dropping off. This makes Erosion an ideal supplement to use alongside any prohormone stack or as an important component of your Post Cycle Therapy (PCT).

Benefits of Erosion

Defends against estrogen proliferation

Increases testosterone

Decreases cortisol

Enhances libido

Increases vascularity

Supports liver function

Perfect On or Off Cycle

All-Natural Ingredients


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