Pre vs Post Workout

Pre vs Post Workout

The Breakdown Of Pre vs Post Workout

Pre & post workout meals are essential to ensuring you have proper nutrition before and after exercise. Working out takes a toll on the body so ensuring you eat meals before and after workout will help with recovery and performance. The pre-workout meal is important because it fuels the body for exercise. The post workout meal is important because it gives the nutrients needed for the body to repair itself.

As for the pre-workout meal, an individual is provided with the energy and sustainability needed during exercise. The meal needs to be one that is a great source of protein and carbohydrates.

In addition to a protein shake, it’s nice to have something such as oatmeal, which contains low glycaemic carbohydrates with various other nutrients. Add a banana on to this for more healthy carbs and nutrients for the muscles. Bananas are recommended in preventing muscle cramps, and also ensure that your daily fruit intake has been taken care of.
There are some people who may choose not to use the above combination. Instead of oatmeal, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich may be the choice. What does well for one person may not work great for another. Then there are those that can eat different food combinations before working out to have variety. As long as there is a mixture of simple and complex carbs, protein, and proper daily nutrition, the results should be satisfactory.

There are advantages to taking a pre-workout meal such as enhancing performance levels. Consuming slow digestive carbohydrates such as complex carbs will help sustain you through your workout. Carbohydrates is also the source of fuel for the brain!