How To Get A Positive Body Image

How To Get A Positive Body Image

How To Get A Positive Body Image

Body image deals with the way that you view yourself. What do you think of the person in the mirror? It is all about you. You can choose to have either a positive body image or a negative one. Struggling to have a positive body image is normal. Everyone has insecurities about themselves from time to time. Do not let this ruin your life. Negative body image influences one’s life in many ways. It can lead to issues like depression, eating disorders, among other things.

It is hard to realize that people do not really think about us as much as we do. Positive body image means acceptance of your flaws and embracing your positive attributes. Working out introduces you to many possibilities of changing and working on the physical attributes that you do not like about yourself. Nevertheless, our team of experts is completely ready to support you in your workout journey and help you embrace the positive.

What Are The Things That Shape Your Body Image?

  1. The people around us

Be it your family, friends, colleagues or classmates. All the people who are constantly around you influence your way of thinking. They rub off on you. Therefore, if it is negative,  then your thinking will also be negative. If they always bring out your positive attributes,  then you will most likely develop a positive body image.  They will also always be there for you in your negativity spurts and this will give you enough support to take on greater challenges and accept yourself.

  1. Social media

Here, this is in reference to magazines, social media platforms, and television programs. They depict a certain standard of beauty, which makes people who view themselves to look otherwise, to feel inferior. Many of your beliefs come from these platforms.

  1. Life experiences and aging

Whatever you go through in essence shapes your beliefs. It could be bullying, or even a verbal exchange with another person. Aging brings about stages like adolescence, menopause, and pregnancy. All these affect our view of the man or woman in the mirror.

  1. Emotions

Different emotions bring about different outlooks. If you have ever been in a serious relationship, you will notice that when things get tough you will start to feel a bit self-conscious. You will begin to notice your flaws and the negative thoughts will get louder and more frequent. Controlling your emotions is a key to improving your body image.

How Do You Turn Negative To Positive Body Image?

  • Analyze and keep a record of all your positive attributes. Be they physical or otherwise. This will help you realize your value to the world. It will open your eyes to the possibility that you have a lot to offer other than your physical attributes. Constantly visit this list when you are feeling low.
  • Surround yourself with positive people. If you are constantly depressed and fighting negativity in your life, then maybe the people around you are the problem. True friends see your flaws and help you figure out ways of either masking or embracing them. If your friends, family or colleagues tend to bash you about your flaws then it is time to change your company.
  • Health is what matters the most, not beauty. Looking good will not aid you in living longer and healthier. Beauty is materialistic; it can end at any time. Focus on improving your health and not enhancing your beauty.
  • Everyone has constant negative thoughts from time to time. Try to drown these thoughts every time they come through. Depression, anxiety and eating disorders occur when you let your inner negative thought take control. All humans are prone to the thought that they are the center of every conversation. It is human to feel like everyone else is talking about you when you walk into the room. However, it is not the case. No one really thinks about you as much as you do. The sooner you realize this the sooner you will be able to change your negative body image.
  • Dress appropriately for your body size and type. Stop following the trends and be your own trendsetter. Dress in well fitting clothes. Make sure the clothes are not either too tight or too loose. Here, comfort is the key. If you are comfortable in your dressing, you will not constantly think about your body image. Dressing in a size too small will ruin your whole day because you will be constantly remembering your physical outlook. Make sure that you work with your body and not against it.
  • Focus on yourself by doing the things you like best. You can treat yourself to a spa date, or a massage, nail salon, even a simple bubble bath. Change starts with you, treat your body right and the mental image of yourself will begin to change. Rest and relax, because life is too unpredictable and short to be in constant depression and panic.
  • Respect your body. Your body is a vessel that aids you in living your life on earth. Treat your body right.
  • Remember that beauty is not skin-deep. It goes beyond the surface of the skin. What are your positive attributes? You might be hardworking, and generous, among other things; but this is not the definition of beauty. Beauty is holistic; it touches on all the different parts of a person. Just because you do not resemble a certain super model does not mean that you are less beautiful.
  • Occupy your mind. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Make a bucket list, travel the world, and start noticing your surroundings. Keep busy and drown the inner negativity. Put more effort in your work. If you are working out, have hope and wait to see the results.

In this social media era, it is not easy to be comfortable in your skin. The socially accepted standards of beauty are too high, with the likes of socialites like the Kardashians and Amber Rose. However, positive body image starts with you. Stop comparing yourself with other sand start realizing that other people are in essence also comparing themselves to you.